V3 stands for three

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::: Elementary School U10 - Grades 2-5 :::

::: Middle School U14 - Grades 6-8 :::

Training Structure

  • Common structured training syllabus across all divisions; seamless transition as players age up

  • Utilize Hybrid Box and Field Concepts 

  • Heavy concentration on building fundamental skills - early program emphasis

  • High tempo with lots of individual "ball-touches" for every player

  • Progression format build-up drills to reinforce concepts while refining skills

  • Players are taught to "innovate" and create offense vs memorize fixed plays

V3 Lacrosse players and their families benefit from:

  • High tempo and very well structured training

  • Proper fundamental skill development

  • US Lacrosse Certified Officials

  • Skilled, experienced Coaching Staff

  • Conveniently located fields

Skilled & Experienced Coaches

  • 100% background screened by NCIS

  • All Coaches are US Lacrosse Certified

  • All Coaches have strong lacrosse background, mostly at the collegiate level

  • All Coaches are trained in core curriculum

Game Format: 6v6 - 5 field players & goalie (short sticks only) | 40x60' fields

Preliminary Schedule*

Sunday Afternoons

September 10th - October 22nd

1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Sportsplex Regional Training Center grass fields

Registration: $175 per player


As players develop sufficient skill to participate in the formal games they may be assigned to a team for the Wednesday night games at the PAAC across the street from the Sportsplex.  Initial sessions will focus on developing individual skills and basic teamwork concepts.  As soon as sufficient number of players are ready, they will start to play 3v3 games during the last 30 minutes of the Sunday sessions.

Equipment - Full lacrosse gear is required for all players:

  • Helmet

  • Shoulder & arm pads

  • Gloves

  • Mouth guard

  • Athletic protector (highly recommended)

  • Rubber cleats (lacrosse or soccer style)

  • V3 reversible pinnie required - may be purchased for $25