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Welcome to V3 Lacrosse!
 ~ Established 2009 ~

V3 symbolizes three "Virtues": 
Character, Sportsmanship and Athleticism


V3 Lacrosse was founded in 2009 to meet the growing interest and demand in Coastal Virginia for a high quality regional boys lacrosse program outside of private school options. Today V3 runs lacrosse leagues for boys and girls of all ages, from Kindergarten through High School and offers educational and developmental programs for players at all levels, including Beginner, Recreational, Select Travel and Elite.

Originally established as a player development organization, V3 remains committed to teaching and developing young players into elite level players as they mature and move up into high school.  Our focus is to teach fundamental skills in a building block & progression format that increases in intensity as each player advances.  We teach principles and concepts to help players build their Lacrosse IQ and learn how to innovate and “create” offense with sound defense and specialty skills that are age appropriate.

V3 is passionate about elevating the level of lacrosse play in Coastal Virginia and helping more players become involved in this truly awesome sport!  

V3 draws players from Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk and the Peninsula, as well as from Currituck and the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

V3 Lacrosse is a US Lacrosse Member Organization.  All V3 participants are required to become members of US Lacrosse.

V3 has an exceptional coaching staff! Our coaches are US Lacrosse Certified and most have many years of experience coaching youth lacrosse. The primary coaching staff is supplemented by guest coaches, instructors and counselors who are active players or recent graduates of NCAA Division I, II or III schools.


All V3 Coaches invest countless of hours and heartfelt commitment to volunteering time and energy to our organization; they achieve and keep current with US Lacrosse certifications, state safety initiatives and other lacrosse related courses and appreciate the need for an annual background check. 


All of this dedication - and so much more - makes them the most qualified and trusted lacrosse coaches in the area and we are privileged to have them to working with our players. 


Players can relate to former star lacrosse players and that’s a great element to add in a clinic or a camp, but there is much more to being a good coach.  


To be effective, we believe that a well-rounded coach should possess the following traits:


  • True understanding about how to motivate players and inspire them to work hard
  • Knowledgeable about the sport with regard to skills and team tactics
  • A calm and patient demeanor
  • Ability to effectively  and respectfully communicate with both players and parents
  • Good moral character as a positive role model

V3 Lacrosse is a US Lacrosse Member Organization.  All V3 participants are required to become members of US Lacrosse.

For additional information:
Email: MemberServices@V3Lax.org 

www.v3lax.com  | www.v3rush.com
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"Veni, Vidi, Vici..."