V3 stands for three

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V3 Lacrosse is led by an exceptional coaching and instructional staff!

All are US Lacrosse Certified and most of our Coaches are graduates of NCAA Division I, II or III schools. We are proud of our Coaches and we're thrilled to bring their skills, talent, commitment and love of the game to our local young women who have a passion for this incredible sport.

The V3 Lacrosse Coaching Philosophy

We take pride in offering positive, team-first program that focuses on player development and advancement.  Our training system has produced some of the most successful lacrosse players in the region. Most of our coaches have years of experience coaching (and playing) lacrosse. We emphasize maturity, formal US Lacrosse certification (including annual background checks) and experience coaching youth athletes. 

Knowledgeable coaches will agree that it is essential to teach players proper technique and mechanics from the beginning and to reinforce good habits.  However, making the game fun while knowing how to adapt strategy to an age-appropriate level is also critical to player motivation and self-improvement. 

Players between the ages 7-16 do not have the maturity, cognitive development or physical strength that high school varsity or college players do.  A few are self-motivated to improve, but most need a consistent nurturing environment to achieve their potential.

Our programs offer a combination of skill clinics led by NCAA players and a positive, consistent practice environment with better players who have already mastered the basics at a given age level.  We strongly believe that this is the best approach for the vast majority of youth players. 

There are some exceptions of course, but it should trigger some thought if a coach has not been an active volunteer in the past and has no experience coaching youth players. 

Our experience has proven that the practical model is a combination of seasoned “mentors”, who are parents with real lacrosse experience, supervising talented position specialists that are recent NCAA players, working from a common set of objectives and US Lacrosse endorsed standards.